What is GST rates for kid's educational toys?

Started by Fransis 2018-11-27 at 09:03
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I have use some toys for given education for my children. It is wonderful products and support to learn more. i feel it is best products for all children to get interest to learn about the alphabets. Price also very cheap for me. I have sent more friends for this product. I am getting some interesting improvement in my children. Very useful products and given good rate of education also. In this product is getting great music and sounds also.
It is getting good size and good condition also. I am very happy to buy these products with great quality. I am choosing the best color and attractive shape for my kid. My husband buys the new car for my kid. It is also getting red color it is more attractive and getting good quality material. I need some of relative products to buy for my sister’s daughter; she is very nice girl and love for new toys to play
I have received good packing for the products. I am getting nice materials also. My child likes to play in those products. I am notice the price it is getting GST rates also. What is rate for kid's learning and toys? Please give me the details in my mail id. I have bought some of toys and game products to the relative kids. My children are getting happy and enjoy playing for that product.
It is helps for improve the memory. It is given good game. But rate is getting high with GST rate. I am checking all types of gaming products in online shopping website. All types of gaming and toys are getting GST rates with prices. I need to search the GST rates for all products in online marketing. I can find the good and great rates for educational products at online

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